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Electrical engineering and design are integral parts of most projects performed by Fusion. Nearly all projects include design and specification of electrical systems for new facilities or rehabilitation of existing facilities.

Our electrical engineering personnel have extensive experience in the design of new, modified or expanded systems for generation, transmission, distribution, and the use of electrical power in a broad range of facility types including:
Office buildings, vehicle service facilities, staff living and recreational areas
Educational/training facilities
Private manufacturing research and development facilities for healthcare and food service industries.

Fusion is knowledgeable in the design of innovative electrical systems required to meet the special needs of its clients. Consideration is given to the demand, diversity, and future expansion to size a distribution system with the flexibility and capacity to meet the operating conditions of the equipment being served. This avoids the expense involved with oversized electrical equipment and inflexible distribution. Other energy cost savings result from applying the proper power factor correction to heavy electrical loads. To ensure that critical power requirements are met, we design standby/backup systems to supply continuous, uninterruptible power.

Fusion utilizes instrumentation engineers to handle all types of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, fluidic, and electronic devices in applications involving feedback and feed forward control loops; ratio control and cascade control loops; automatic selective controls and programmed controls for the wide range of processes engineered and designed by Fusion.