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Energy Services

As energy demands and associated costs continue to escalate, companies and building owners are faced with many challenges. Fusion has the team with the expertise to increase energy efficiency while reducing first cost and environmental impact.

We study, plan, design and construction manage energy solutions for government, healthcare, educational, commercial, industrial and hospitality clients. These experiences have provided our team with unique insight into owners’ energy challenges. By understanding the supply and demand of power and utilities, and how to manage their risk and reliability, Fusion can help you achieve your business goals.

As an integrated engineering firm, we can act as a single-source for your diverse energy needs. Fusion has extensive knowledge in capital strategies, power and utility generation and distribution, district heating and cooling, cogeneration systems, and technical construction.

Facilities managers are charged with the responsibility of keeping their companies ready to conduct business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Expanding business plans and increasing pressures for cost control put a significant strain on the management of energy procurement and consumption. Juggling all the variables is a big job. If one ball drops, it can cost millions.

This is where Fusion can help. We study, plan, design and construction manage energy solutions. Our experienced professionals have a unique insight into todays (and tomorrow’s) energy challenges.

Fusion takes the pressure off of owners and facilities managers by being a single-source, results-oriented firm. Our team consists of experts in commodity acquisition, capital strategies, power and utility generation and distribution and sustainable design. Working with you, Fusion defines the end result and works towards developing integrated solutions that get you where you want to be, and in many cases, where you need to be.

As engineers of building systems, we understand a facility’s energy needs and the infrastructure to support it. As technology experts, we understand uptime and reliability of critical systems. As construction managers, we are skilled estimators and schedulers able to minimize the time and costs from design through construction.

Fusion is committed to being responsive to your needs, and taking bottom-line responsibility for results. You will find us eager to listen, adept at understanding and proactive with ideas and improvements. Our depth of services gives you all the resources required to achieve measurably improved results: on time, within budget and without excuses.

You’ve got to stay ahead of the energy curve. Outdated power grids are being further stressed by a voracious appetite for technology that requires more energy without allowances for downtime. The risks have never been higher.

Fusion’s approach is as rare as it is rewarding. We know, all too well, that successful project execution is key to achieving your business goals, and reaching them is our ultimate objective.